Yulista Holding, LLC (YHL) was formed in 2007, to provide financial, administrative, and management oversight to the Yulista family of companies. The YHL family of companies includes Chiulista Services, Inc.; Yulista Aviation, Inc.; Yulista Integrated Solutions, LLC; Yulista Management Services, Inc.; Y-Tech Services, Inc.; Tunista Services, LLC; and Yulista Tactical Services, LLC. Together, we provide a wide range of services from rapid prototyping to FAA Part 145 certified repairs and maintenance on commercial aircraft.


Our experience has aided the development of capabilities, which enable the YHL family to provide premier services to our customers in all facets of project management, fabrication, systems integration, and system testing on nearly every weapons platform used by the US Military to include rotary and fixed wing aircraft. Additionally, this experience is being utilized to manage and service military bases and government facilities.


As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Calista Corporation, YHL proudly serves over 13,000 Alaska Native shareholders in Southwest Alaska. As is expected of any leader within the community and marketplace, we realize that a strong corporate presence within every community and village where we are providing our services should improve the quality of life for those we serve. We strive to be the most technically proficient in everything we do while setting the standard of quality for others to emulate.

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